What you should know about our yoga mats

before you start


A thin residue forms during the printing process which can easily be taken away with a damp cloth and a mild soap.

When starting your first practice on your new yoga mat it might feel lightly slippery but with continued use, your yoga mat will get the perfect grip. So we encourage you to get started right away.

We do not recommend White Palm Garden PVC yoga mats for Hot Yoga.


care instruction


To make sure you will be able to enjoy your yoga mat for a long time we recommend to  wipe your yoga mat gently with a damp cloth.

Mild yoga mat cleanse on a herbal base is best for cleaning. Please avoid any strong cleansers as they might destroy the printed surface. Also please make sure that you don’t scratch the print.

Please don’t expose your yoga mat to direct sun permanently as this may cause the print to fade.

Made in Germany


Our yoga mats are made in Germany. Therefor we only use high-quality ECO print colors free of carcinogenic dyes and heavy metals.

We choose to work with a German local cooperation partners to strengthen our local economy. Simultaneously this allows us to optimize the quality of our yoga mats in the production every day.

Look and see!

Why a PVc mat?


PVC (Polyvinylchloride) is durable, doesn’t show any poriferous surface changes even after strong sun exposure and is perfect for yogis, which are suffering any latex allergy.

Our yoga mats are made of high-quality Eco-PVC avoiding heavy metals, softeners (Phthalates) and carcinogenic dyes. The raw yoga mats are produced in Asia and shipped to Germany by sea. Licensed German third party labs are checking regularly, guaranteeing our high quality standards.


PVC can be recycled. Should you ever decide to part from your yoga mat, we kindly ask you to please hand it over to a recycling station. New products can be made out of it.