White Palm Garden Story

Like you we love Yoga. While doing downward-facing dog pose we felt dull starring on standard boring yoga mats. We enjoy traveling the world, discovering new destinations and colors and the sparkling sun on of the ocean when it faces the horizon. And so we have started to collect these entire colorful patterns, which we have seen on our travels around the world, and to convert them into design with the challenging plan to print them on yoga mats.


We design our yoga mats with a lot of passion and we sketch every design by hand.

Each yoga mat is a favorite piece of ours, each design is an expression of our love for Yoga and Pilates and it’s positive vital energy.




With a lot of verve and persistence we have been able to make our vision come true. Our yoga mats and yoga bags shall bring the inspiration of Asia to your home, shall make you smile and make you remember you while you are practicing Yoga and sweating on your mat: Yoga is pure soulfulness and not sports.

Give yourself a smile.


Our yoga mats are designed and printed in Germany. Together with our cooperation partners we have been able to develop printing techniques with ECO-colors. These techniques provide intensive colors, are durable and free of heavy metals, carcinogenic dyes and softeners. Third party labs check regularly to ensure and certify our high standards.



Our White Palm Garden Yoga mats are developed by yogis for yogis. Yoga, Pilates and Meditation is a fixed part of our philosophy of in life, as well as travelling, healthy food and lots of fun at the beach.


And why do we call us White Palm Garden?

While sitting under a palm tree we started the idea for our yoga mat project. In fact there was more than one palm tree around and it really looked like a palm garden. And White? White is the color of creation and the mother-of-all new beginnings. And so we have started with just a blank white page and a fantastic idea. White Palm Garden was born.

So far so good. But in deed it took more than 18 months full of sketching,  research, trial and error before we launched our online shop. We think it was more than worth it. Check it out!